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Hi, I'm Bri. I'm 21 and a college student. 1. What is your… - The Christmas Countdown

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November 10th, 2005

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02:11 pm

Hi, I'm Bri. I'm 21 and a college student.

1. What is your favourite Christmas food? My mother's sugar cookies. Christmas dinner mashed potatos.

2. what is your favourite Christmas drink? Hot cocoa. Winter ale. Can't wait to try eggnog and rum this year.

3. Do you prefer a real or a fake Christmas tree indoors? Well, I grew up with a real tree, and I really love the way it smells. It also feels more genuine. But it is a shame to kill all those trees every year. Actually, we often have two or three trees in our house every year.

4. Are you a fan of over the top amazingly decorative decorations that flash and cover the whole home or just the small touches of Christmas decorations? We have a LOT of decorations, but it's usually pretty tasteful, I think. My mother is doing a rose and snow flake theme in the kitchen, for instance. I can't stand those inflatable snowglobes for the front yard they've come out with this year! We do have a few things that are kind of flashy and retro, things my mom had growing up (like bubble lights).

5. What day do you open presents christmas eve or Christmas day? We open one on Christmas Eve. It's always pajamas to wear to bed, a book to read before bed, and some candy. :)

6. Do you open them in the morning or after lunch? We open the rest of them in the morning. My brother and I used to wake up at four a.m. on Christmas morning and just go sit by the tree, waiting for our parents to wake up.

7. What is your fondest memory of childhood Christmas? We have an annual tradition of riding around town and checking out everyone's Christmas lights, and then going for some hot chocolate. Baking Christmas cookies. Watching Xmas movies with the family. Singing Xmas carols at church.

8. Do you still belive in Father christmas/santa? If not when did you stop believing and what made you stop? I still like to believe in him and still leave out milk and cookies, even if by seven I knew "better". I think he represents the spirit of giving and magic so I like the idea of him.

9. Is Christmas a whole big family event in your house or just a small gathering? A BIG event. I have a big family.

10. Do you write those "Our year" bulletins with photos and put them in your cards to family and friends? If so do you also have those photos taken of you and the family around a fireplace or something else superly wonderfully cheesy :-)? No, I think Mom used to take Xmas pictures of us, maybe once when we were little. But we just send cards.

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Date:November 11th, 2005 12:33 am (UTC)
Sounds SO much like my own christmas.
We have alot of decorations too, but tasteful like you said.
My Dad loves over the top stuff and so do I but my Mum keeps us grounded and so we go for a compromise. My Mum and I are suckers for the disney movies at christmas, my parents and I LOVe it :-)

Lights are the biggest thing in our house, we have alot of lights.
Wow you must have a big house to have that many trees :-)
[User Picture]
Date:November 11th, 2005 10:41 pm (UTC)
We used to have a bigger house. We've moved, but apparently Mom has still found room enough for two trees!

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