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Welcome everyone to Christmas Countdown - The Christmas Countdown

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November 9th, 2005

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09:28 pm - Welcome everyone to Christmas Countdown
Welcome to Christmas Countdown.
Today there are exactly 45 days 2 hours and 25 minutes until Christmas eve.
We have alot to discuss and do before the best day of the year arrives!
Presents to be bought, trees to be selected, decorations to be dug out from the loft/attic/garage with great difficulty even though every year you ay you will put them somewhere you will remember and not tangle the lights when you are packing them. Somehow though, there is always one box that takes a year to find up there and every light is tangled around 100 other lights.

BUT these are the joys of christmas :-) There are cards to be written, stamps to find, lists to make and presents to buy, there are trees to be chosen and decorated finely, there are chickens and turkey and fine wines to be purchased, there are lights to be untangled and fires to be lit and stockings to be filled and all sorts more to do. So lets get going as the countdown to christmas has already begun :-)

Feel free to join and please do introduce yourself and tell any Christmas story or plan or photo you like :-)

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